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You put a lot of time and money into your home. Each year, at the start of spring, you go outdoors and fertilize your garden. Like clockwork, you mow your lawn at least once a week. Rather than save on utilities, you turn on your sprinkler system and water your lawn during periods when the climate is dry.

Home hazards you donít want to miss

The interior of your home receives an equal amount of care. You take warranties seriously. Instead of keeping your mattress for 15 years, you go out and buy a new, more comfortable mattress every five to six years. You might fuss, but every single Saturday, you get up early and dust, vacuum, shake out rugs and wash linen. Itís no wonder that youíre proud of your home. But, is your home safe?

Health hazards that your house could be hiding may be hard to spot. Some home health hazards need special equipment to detect. Items to check at your house to keep it safe include:

Hazards you can check visually

  • Uneven flooring Ė If youíve ever tripped while walking outdoors after your foot caught on an elevated part of the sidewalk,you know how easy it is to fall due to an uneven surface.
  • Cracked sidewalks and driveway Ė These are exterior health hazards that could cause people to fall on your property.
  • Unopened cleaners Ė Strong cleaners that donít have the lid securely placed on them could spill when knocked over. They could also emit dangerous chemicals into the air. Children could also accidentally drink from liquid cleaners or eat hard cleaners and become dangerously ill.
  • Dirty rags Ė Rags, sponges and towels that you use to clean with could be laced with dangerous chemicals.
  • Sharp objects Ė Knives and scissors that are left on counter tops could fall and cut someone or a pet. If these objects are left within reach of minors, they could also become unsafe toys.
  • Dead trees Ė Storms can break dead tree limbs,sending the limbs crashing against vehicles, your house or people.

Hazards that arenít detected with the eye

  • Carbon monoxide Ė Should carbon monoxide exceed 35 ppm, it can make you and your guests very ill. Install carbon monoxide detectors to stay aware of carbon monoxide levels in your house.
  • Slick surfaces Ė If your driveway has oil spills on it and the driveway gets wet, the surface of your driveway can become slick. Snow and ice must also be removed and treated to prevent the exterior of your property from becoming a health hazards.
  • Loose railings Ė Let stairwell railings become loose and you could live with a false sense of security while ascending interior and exterior steps.
  • Driveway blind spots Ė Mirrors on newer vehicles are designed to eliminate blind spots. It prevents small children from accidentally being run over while behind a vehicle thatís backing out of the driveway. To protect people from blind spots, trim hedges and remove objects from entry ways and exits.

Keeping your home visually attractive is important. When your house is visually appealing, it can help to put you in a relaxing mood. As much work a sit takes to keep a beautiful home, the eye isnít the only thing to focus on when caring for your house. Itís important to create and maintain a safe house too. By paying attention to chemical levels, eliminating fire hazards and repairing structural damages, you could keep your family, friends and house guests from injuring themselves or becoming ill while they stay at your place.

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Posted by Paul W Sullivan & Assoc on 10/13/2017

2102 Heatherwood , Yarmouth, MA 02675




Total Rooms
A lovely two bedroom, two bath unit located on the first floor with an oversized deck and a convenient location to the Front Desk, Library, Common Room & Dining Facility. Heatherwood is an over 55 complex that has 24 hour Security, Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool, a Dining Plan with 20 Dinners per month, Library and lovely walking trails. Transportation for local appointments is also provided.
Open House
No scheduled Open Houses

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When you move into a new home, perhaps one of the first things that youíll want to do is paint. Really, thereís no right way to choose a paint color. Thereís many different methods to find colors that are going to match with your rooms. When you get to the hardware store, you may end up feeling a bit overwhelmed by the hundreds of shades of each and every color that appear on swatches. You can go through many different thought processes in order to choose the color thatís right for each room in your home. 

Donít Paint First

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to paint after everything else is done. This may seem like a less-than-ideal way to approach moving into your new home, but it works. Paint can always be changed. You can use the strategy of moving into the house first. Then, youíll buy the furniture to match the room or get your existing furniture reupholstered if needed. If youíre starting from scratch, itís much more effective to put the larger pieces in and then decide on a paint color.

If You Like It, Paint it!

You really have to like a color for it to be on your walls. You can always get some sample paints and try it on your walls to see if you like the colors. Remember that all the advice in the world canít replace what you love. Youíre the one who has to live with the paint on your walls!

Study Paint Chips

 The overwhelming wall of paint chips at the local hardware store is a necessity when it comes to choosing paint colors. Those little swatches are very useful. Donít forget about the paint samples mentioned above as well. These small samples can help in really pinning down the color that you like. Remember that youíll need to ignore the messages that your brain is trying to send you when comparing a sample color to the existing color on the wall. Youíll definitely want to look at samples more than one time for you to really know how you feel about a paint color in a room.   

Donít Rush

Take time in your space and think about what colors you visualize in the space. Ask yourself, ďWhat kind of mood am I trying to create in this room?Ē Take your time when making paint color decisions. Sometimes rushing leads to poor decisions.   

Know Your Accent Colors

Understanding how your accent colors will work with certain paint colors will allow you to make a better decision about what kind of paint color to choose. Your paint color will have a relationship with your sofa, the trim, the flooring, the fixtures, the curtains, and more.  Knowing what kind of colors you have to work with from the start can help you to choose the right color to feature in the room.

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Months could pass before you find the perfect house buyer, the type of person who you feel confident will take care of your current home after you sell it and move out. The longer it takes to sell your house, the more tempted you could become to lower the price on your house, putting yourself at risk of losing money.

Thatís not the only potentially costly temptation that might start nipping at you. To sell your house, you could get tempted to keep certain facts about your house to yourself. It could help you to land a quicker sale. It could also cost you, as there are certain types of information that you are required to disclose to someone before they go through with buying your house.

You canít keep these things about your house a secret

Each state requires you to disclose different types of information. However, you regardless of where you live, you are required to tell home buyers about problems with your house that lower the propertyís value. For example, if you know that you have a hole in the roof, you may need to disclose that information. Painting over water stains on your walls could be a wrong move if you paint in effort to conceal a problem and donít share the information with a buyer.

Some states require you to complete a disclosure form. In this case, you may have to list out all known defects and problems with your house in writing.

Lead and asbestos problems are items that you may be required to disclose. Again, this depends on the specific laws in the state where you are selling a house.

You may have to sign a disclosure form. Should you knowingly omit a defect from the disclosure form, you could be held legally liable for damages. Two steps that you could take to protect yourself are to get your house inspected by a licensed inspector and have the inspector list out known defects. You could also include legal wording on a disclosure form that protects you from unknown defects that the buyer later discovers at the property.

Allow honesty and transparency to pay off

Selling your home could take longer that you want, especially if the market is tight. A downward shift in the economy or job market could also force your house to stay on the market longer than you anticipated. During this time, continue to maintain your house. You could even add one or more upgrades to your houseís interior or exterior to increase your homeís value and potentially attract a buyer.

What you donít want to do is decide to keep certain, required information from house buyers. The latter choice could find you in court. Treat home buyers to the same respect that you want when youíre house hunting. Give home buyers the right information that empowers them to make the best decision. After all, the decision to buy your house may impact someone and their family for years,perhaps decades.

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Posted by Paul W Sullivan & Assoc on 9/29/2017

88 Beach Street , Dennis, MA 02638

Dennis (village)



Total Rooms
NORTH of 6A tucked away from the road this FULLY RENOVATED Year Round BEACH HOME is a delightful hidden gem! A total transformation in 2017 has turned it into an immaculate & gorgeous house. Fabulous NEW light & bright kitchen w/granite,cabinets,appliances,subway tile & island w/ seating for 6 which opens to the dining & sunken living area.Master bedroom has been freshly renovated w/an en suite bathroom w/new tile & vanity. A sunny second bedroom has plenty of closet space. NEW ADDITION has added a vaulted ceiling bedroom. Gleaming hardwood floors just installed & refinished throughout & fresh paint on all the walls. The exterior has NEW Paint,Windows,Paver Patio,Roof plus a lovely newly landscaped private yard. The perfect beach house less than a mile to Bay View/Mayflower Beaches
Open House
October 01 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Price Reduction!!!!! Please come and visit this lovely year round beach house! FULLY Renovated!!!
Cannot make the Open Houses?
Location: 88 Beach Street , Dennis, MA 02638    Get Directions

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